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about hoopla

Best and top wedding planners in India

Sidestep the cliche of being wedded in a hall and fly to heavenly places. With our team of wedding planners, your destination wedding is just one phone call away.

Hoopla’s wedding planners exhibit a bright idea and concept of each wedding and customize it according to the customers’ needs. We blend your dreams and desire, intertwine them to produce a blanket of reality. Our original concept is the belief in experience rather than certifications. The existence of Hoopla over the years justifies our customs and creed. Creativity is a divine feature illustrating the flexibility of thoughts. We help you view a distinct and more delicate dimension of your wedding version. Location is the most crucial aspect of a wedding, as it should meet your needs and be accessible to all your guests. Our event management team offers various suggestions from which you could select your favorite venue. Theme selection and wedding concepts require attention to minor details to enhance the air and bliss of the wedding. Our skilled wedding planners comprehend its importance and set forth manifold designs apart from which customizations to your concepts are also appreciated. Hoopla’s expert financial management team renders its support to establish a budget wedding. Our consideration of features, international network, and energetic team are found nowhere else. Officiating a wedding necessitates the presence of a high priest, and entertainment requires a wedding entertainment team. We provide a wide range of services to settle your needs and beyond.

Who we are

In wedding seasons, we come in handy. Our team Hoopla is committed to rendering customers with ornate amenities. Marriage is a momentous move, and so is organizing the flawless wedding. But why fret when the ideal team of wedding planners is here to back you up. We constrain the humblest detail to perfection. Our handpicked team of exclusive wedding organizers is like the Cheshire Cat. We guide you, Alice, in our wonderland. From classic to voguish weddings, there is nothing astray on our list. Inscribe your fantasy in harmony when we harmonize the frames. We boastfully acknowledge ourselves as the lighthouse to steer your ship. We ensure to accord you Titanic without the iceberg. Do not let commitments steal your thunder. Flee burdens, and savor your heyday. All we crave is your awe.

Journey, Brand, Expertise

Team Hoopla executes, to bring the best to make your anniversary eternal. Hoopla events are comprehensive with insurmountable liveliness and freshness. We seize your guests tiptoed with our elite events. Weddings indicate a journey rather than a destination. Hoopla wedding planners are obliged to construct your dreams to life. There is never a possibility for chaos in a Hoopla wedding. We tackle difficulties even before it exists. Our motto is to engrave your wedlock solid in your heart.

house of elves

The brand Hoopla is a fruit of years of passion and commitment. Our brand’s strong establishment is due to our ceaseless endeavors and tremendous intensity in working towards achievement. We are a team of dedicated wedding organizers and wedding planners, pledged to offer our best at each wedding. Our office at Indore reflects our artistic taste in decor and embracement towards various traditions.

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brain behind hoopla

Pushpendra Founder

Mr. Pushpendra Singh


Mr. Pushpendra Singh, Founder of Hoopla. The man who made Hoopla possible with his ardent passion and dedication. A real architect of dreams and designer of weddings.

With a vision to render personalized assistance, Pushpendra Singh started the Hoopla weddings. He has 15+ years of experience in this arena. His experience in the field and the top of line management is incomparable. The domain ‘s value is infinite and can not be accumulated.

In Hoopla, he structures the immense ardent interest in hospitality, and it is reflected in the weddings. His devotedness and hunch greatly delight his clients when it comes to planning. With him, every client can fulfill their dream of a delightful wedding.

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