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Your radiant hoopla ring has settled on the gift. Are you excited to get hitched? Our team of wedding planners is committed to put-out the finest. Do not discount on a single face in your pictures when you narrate your tale of wedding bells. From the venue to the menu, our wedding event management satiates your needs. Enjoy your exuberant season while we architect your celebration. Paint the town red when our party planners handle it all. Either walk down the aisle or sit beside the fire, we are here to shape and execute. We aim to be one of many reasons for you to cherish your wedlock.

We focus on the wedding and let you concentrate on your marriage. Our excellent team of wedding planners destine your requisites and bestow to illuminate your desires. In the presence of our exclusive wedding organizers, everything lingers on the route. Shred your concerns and sparkle throughout the day. We aim to cloy you with richness.

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We offer an extended series of reliable wedding services. You do not have to stroke a lamp for a genie to grant you three wishes.

All you need is a tint of Hoopla.

We intend to reserve your breath for a moment with our wedding decorations. Pinpoint your fancied place, and we’ll secure it for the day. Paint your palms flawlessly in the shades of cinnamon and relax while we work for you. We are here to explore with you throughout India to make your day astonishing. Our wedding caterers serve elite, cost-effective, customized cuisines. We provide wedding photographer booking that snaps perfect photos you can flaunt. From the weather to whereabouts, our wedding planners are here to organize every minute aspect of the day. Write your wish to us, and we’ll grant it. Our wedding planning service is beyond the sky. Live your dream wedding without a drama.


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One cannot fence their dreams, and here we consider it a pressing allegation. Get wedded on the brightest day under the greenest leaves or anywhere your heart believes. We mow lawns stretched beyond the horizon for you to step in with your expensive shoes on. Watch the little fireworks in the dark and desire them in the casket or lose yourself in the ocean’s sounds. We elevate our standards to hold your day exceptional. Explore our broad spectrum of destination weddings and choose what makes your heart skip a beat.

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Dear Pushpenfra Singh, I was looking for your e mail address for giving you thanks for making my son ankit sangeet & marriage on 19th & 20th february 2017 a great event & very memorable ,the all arrangement done by your team under your experience supervision was fantastic particularly the sangeet night the stage decoration & music arrangements as well as selection of songs Also on the reception night the entry of bride & groom was totally different than other reception overall the entire marriage function was full of our satisfactions & I can strongly recommend your name to my relative & close friends for engaging you notbonly for marriage function but for any other functions also at last i would like to extend my best wishes for for your future, Thanks & good luck

Dr. Sunil Chiplunkar
Mr Sunil Chiplunkar father of Ankit Chiplunkar weds kajal aggarwal Chiplunkar

"The decoration was very traditional but yet very classy. We had asked only flowers and we got them in different shapes for every event."

Dr Prachi Gharpure
Dr Prachi Gharpure mother of Uttara weds Ravi

We had the great opportunity working with the Hoopla events and their entire team on putting together the preparations for our first family wedding. We gave the responsibility of all the decor work to them. They did an EXCEPTIONAL job, taking our VERY particular requests, and our attention to detail, our concepts, and putting them all together in creating the desired theme. Like any wedding preparations, there are ever changing decisions, Hoopla Events was very composed in dealing with these changes/issues that arose throughout the wedding events. Resources, Hoopla events has an immense amount of resources, and are very well connected with people in the industry, this goes with having a great reputation within the industry and helping create the impossible for your special event. We will definitely be working with Hoopla events again for the next big family event. We STRONGLY recommend their services!

Namita Choudhari
Namita Choudhari sister of Nipun choudhary weds Rakshita Choudhari

The work done by pushpendra ji was worth every penny, the venue Radisson hotel was decorated according to its standards and everything was kept in mind. Last moment changes made by us were also accepted and implemented without any complain and charges. Thanks for the good work- Aseem Patel

Aseem Patel
Aseem Patel weds Rubi patel

It was an amazing experience with Pushpendra and team. They managed everything pretty well, did all the decorations and arrangements passionately. There is a totally 100% customer satisfaction. Execution of event or function is done wid tremendous perfection and on time. Use of materials was of great quality. They offer variety of ideas/arrangements for every event suitable to each individuals pocket.

Surbhi Mishra
Surbhi Mishra weds Bakul Bharadwaj

After a whole lot of struggle of finding a professional birthday party planner I came across Hoopla events. I am really glad that I came across Hoopla. They are highly experienced I must say. They organized my daughter's 1st birthday. Everything was exactly the way I wanted it to be. Right from venue selection Marriott hotel (ballroom), decoration to engaging the guest. Apart of us our guest was really impressed with the creativity and prompt services and entertainment options provided by Hoopla. A big thanks to team Hoopla. Highly recommended.

Dr Arpana & Dr Rahul jain
Dr Arpana & Dr Rahul jain ... daughter's 1st birthday party

Hoopla made our son's engagement the perfect one! From beginning to end, they took meticulous care of each and every detail. Most importantly, when we were stressed for set up, b'cos our function was in evening and hotel people given same hall for other function in day time without our concern so we left no choice and got just 2 hour to complete the decoration and other arrangement... And we wanted complete decor by using only flowers and lights but pushpendra and his team is so professional and skilled to manage the time crunch and quality work as well...And had something unexpected “pop up” at the most inopportune time, they were there to take care of it quickly, effectively and KINDLY! A bride and groom could not ask for anything more. Thanks a ton to Pushpendra and his team !!!

Dr Ashish Mehrotra
Dr Ashish Mehrotra Son's engagement ceremony.
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